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Given I absolutely love the idea of making soundtracks for things, I've nicked [profile] flash_indie 's idea and have done so. This is a personal themed one... It may even be the only one I ever make. Who knows! But it was fun :) The individual songs are available for download, and on the second page of files so is a .rar of all of them.

01. Never Meant To Fail – Alex Lloyd
It's not meant to, be this lonely
We were never meant to fail

02. How Much It Hurts – Just Off Turner
I've been giving you the benefit of the doubt
If you're listening this is how much it hurts

03. Happiness and Disaster – Stabilo
We’re swimming between the waves of
Happiness and disaster

04. Bulletproof – La Roux
The messages I've tried to send
My information's just not goin in

05. Careless Whisper – Wham!
Time can never mend
The careless whispers of a good friend

06. Something About Us – Daft Punk
It might not be the right time
I might not be the right one

07. How Far We’ve Come – Matchbox Twenty
Well I believe it all is coming to an end
Oh well, I guess, we're gonna pretend

08. All You Want – Dido
My hands feel empty
No one to hold

09. Blame It On My Youth – Jamie Cullum
If only just for you I did exist
Blame it on my youth

10. Still – Macy Gray
He does me wrong and I should be gone
I still be lovin you baby and it's much too much

11. Just Hold Me – Maria Mena
But I can't remember life without him
I think I did have good days

12. Smoke & Ashes – Tracy Chapman
I was blinded by devotion
My unwavering love for you
So blinded that I thought all your lies were true

13. Closer – Kings of Leon
She took my heart
I think she took my soul

14. You Oughta Know – Alanis Morisette
And I'm here to remind you
Of the mess you left when you went away

15. Nothing Lasts Forever – Maroon 5
Though we have not hit the ground
It doesn't mean we're not still falling

16. Auf Achse – Franz Ferdinand
You want her, you can't have her
You want to, but she won't let you

17. A Beautiful Mess – Jason Mraz
Hey, what a beautiful mess this is
It's like picking up trash in dresses

18. Back To Black – Amy Winehouse
We only said good-bye with words
I died a hundred times

19. Heal Over – KT Tunstall
Don't hold on but don't let go
I know it's so hard

20. Adieu - Emily Bindiger
I'm strong and so cold
As I stand alone

Date: 2009-09-07 11:23 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Very beautiful ):
You wanted a woodgrain texture for the back then? You should have just googled a picture of some and had fun with layers. I would've suggested if I'd realised.

Date: 2009-09-07 11:27 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Thanks. Even if it doesn't quiiiite fit.

I did try that, but google didn't yield any similar wood pattern at all, and no matter how much I played with what I could find things didn't quite work... So I gave up.

Date: 2009-09-07 07:19 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
I took 7 songs, everything I didn't already have. :3
Hang in there sweety!

Date: 2009-09-07 10:58 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
omg, this is awesome! I'm excited. Downloading. :)

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