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(art by luzerna)

Extraordinary Machine
an Aradia Megido FST -- from girl to god

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1. The Raiders March - John Williams/London Symphony Orchestra



2. Extraordinary Machine - Fiona Apple

if there was a better way t0 g0 then it would find me
i cant help it the r0ad just r0lls 0ut behind me
be kind t0 me 0r treat me mean
ill make the m0st of it im an extra0rdinary machine


3. You Have Killed Me - Morrissey

yes i walk ar0und someh0w
but y0u have killed me
y0u have killed me

4. Believe Me - Ellie Goulding

listen i can hear a v0ice
i need a helping hand
just t0 beat the v0id


5. Machine - Regina Spektor

my eyes are bif0cal
my hands are sub j0inted


i have friends in high places
and im upgraded daily
all my wires with0ut traces

6. Set me on Fire - Missy Higgins

ive g0t a rock between my heart and m0uth
i kn0w h0w it g0t there but I cant pull it out
and the b0nes that 0nce m0ved my fingers 0ver keys
are protesting in fist 0n my knees
g0tta find a way t0 unzip my skin cause this is a strangers im living in


7. Shake It Out - Florence and the Machine

and im ready t0 suffer and im ready to h0pe
its a sh0t in the dark and right at my thr0at


8. I Am Not A Robot - Marina and the Diamonds

im vulnerable im vulnerable
i am not a robot!
youre lovable so lovable
but youre just troubled
guess what? im not a robot a robot!
guess what? im not a robot a robot!




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